Three New Year’s Resolutions for the Direct Sales Industry

With the end of 2014 quickly approaching, it’s time to take stock of the past year. Before you pop that bottle of bubbly to celebrate your accomplishments, make sure your business is fully prepared to crush 2015 by following these three tips;

Direct Selling - New Years Resolutions

1.) Talk to top performers

Start talking to your company’s best performers. Ask them how they reached (and stay) at the top. The star players in your company are excellent resources for product ideas, sales techniques, and best practices. They can help you identify your blind spots, give you new and creative ways to sell your product, and share how to best inspire other reps.

Even if you have reached out to your top tier informally, this year is the year to implement a formal coaching and training program. Top sellers can help create training videos, marketing materials, and promotional pieces to support other reps. Give them a platform to send out helpful tips and communicate with the rest of your salesforce. They can supplement your corporate professional development program. Additionally, remind your team leaders that “’tis the season” for giving, so always remember to offer mentorship whenever they can. When one rep wins, you all win.
2.) Create an army of social media superstars

You have an entire army of reps, each with their own Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Wouldn’t it be great if you could tap into these networks and reach your army’s army? Currently, sales reps are responsible for sharing their own content across different channels which can often be messy, inconsistent, or at worst, nonexistent.

Networking online is just as important as networking in person, and your company can help your reps share the most effective content to their networks. Regularly create and share corporate content like new products, specials, and announcements, that reps can easily share to their own pages. Doing this will maintain a consistent corporate message across multiple platforms, and it will help your brand develop a loyal and continually growing following. Remember to give your salesforce the right motivation to share your most important content. Social media contest anyone? Social media is an amazing tool when used properly!

3.) Rethink your technology strategy

2015 is the year to make sure your company has the best toolbox to support reps, grow your business, and bring home sales. With the ever-growing number of technologies offered to direct selling companies, you need to make sure your company stands above the rest. To do this,you need to use a “best of breed” approach for your technology suite.

Technology has come a long way, and most new technology is able to communicate with other platforms. You no longer have to choose one provider that offers a bunch of mediocre products. You can now choose the best provider for everything you need, as long as the technology integrates with other platforms. In the end, your reps are still left with one holistic experience, but they have the best technology at their fingertips.

Lastly, rethink how your technology is delivered to your reps. You may be sitting at a computer, but are your sales reps? Most of them go online almost exclusively through mobile devices. If your technology isn’t in the cloud and optimized for mobile devices, can your reps really be expected to use it? Better yet, does your company have a mobile app? If your company is still using email and technology made for desktop computers, this is the year to get up to date. Apps, targeted push notifications, and mobile websites are infinitely better than spam email and having to pinch zoom to simply enter an order. Make technology easier and more relevant, and watch adoption soar!

Happy Holidays from Team Yapmo! Wishing you a marvelous and successful 2015!

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