Why any company worth its salt invests in customer service

When people think about the words “customer service,” at best, they imagine an empathetic employee resolving customers questions and concerns. At worst, they envision a poor soul on a headset in a windowless call center, exasperatedly answering inbound phone calls from angry customers and delivering canned, emotionless responses.

Customer service is neither of these things.

At it’s heart, customer service is a mindset – it’s a commitment to delivering excellence to the customer with each and every action taken by the company. Many companies confine “customer service” to reactive actions (i.e. responding to a complaint email) rather than thinking holistically about the matter. Incorporating a customer-first mindset makes for happier customers AND happier employees.

Not convinced? Here’s what we found when we dedicated ourselves to putting customers first:

    • Sales increase – your support and commitment to customers is a competitive advantage over your competition
    • Customers become repeat buyers – your customers are happy, and the simplest revenue comes from keeping the customers you have
    • Referrals increase – happy customers are willing to tell their friends, and the hottest lead is a warm referral from a happy customer
    • Your product improves – regular customer conversations and incorporating feedback loops makes for faster, more effective product updates and focused direction
    • Employees are happier – employees take pride in their work, they want to work at your company, and they will help you find top talent

It’s easier said than done, no doubt; but the ripple effect created by top notch customer service (or “Customer Success” here at Yapmo) is enormous and compounding.

Most importantly, focusing on customer success is simply a good way of doing business (and in our minds, the only way). We’re not perfect, and it took some hard lessons to get here, but we’ve created an entire department focused on our customer’s success. Check out the image below to learn more.

Customer Success







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