Yapmo release v2.2.1: Faster, better, stronger

Today we released a new version of Yapmo. This release includes new features, interface updates, and additional functionality. No need to download or re-install your app as all Yapmo updates are pushed live so you can continue yapping as usual!

Email Integration Improvements

When users are notified through mentions, saved searches, or subscriptions, Yapmo will send an email notification (if the user settings are set to send email notifications). These email notifications now will include links directly to the attachments so you can view the attachment without logging into Yapmo.
This feature can be turned on or off.

Email integration

Interface Improvements 

Need to know who has seen your post or comment? Look for the eye in the top right of any post or comment to see who has read the content. This can be turned on for all or just admin.

We also improved the toolbar at the top of each post.

Screenshot 2 - interface

Post Creation Cleanup 

We’ve simplified the create screen so you only need to select your loop and folder.

Screenshot 3 - Post Creation

The following are optional features that are turned off by default due to the support and infrastructure demands. If you are interested in deploying a feature, please reach out, and we are happy to discuss activation of this feature.

Request Loops

Request loops are loops where the owners of the loop can see every post and members can only see the posts they created. You can combine request loops with custom forms for Help Desk ticketing, HR requests, Graphic Design requests, or any other requests for information that do not require the entire group to view the posts.

Search Inside Attachments

You now have the ability to search inside PDFs and Microsoft Office attachments.

SSO integration with OneLogin

We have always supported Active Directory and ADFS Single Sign On, but you can now work with OneLogin as well as any other SAML authentication provider.

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