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Yapmo is the most effective collaboration tool for Real Estate Brokerages, Direct Sales Companies, and Financial Services. Yapmo puts people, conversations, and workflow together, so you can quickly collaborate and get work done.

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Emails removed from employee inboxes
since January 1, 2013

“Our Yapmo application is really taking off. No other company has anything close. It's a great point of differentiation, as it makes email correspondence that other companies rely on archaic.”

Thaddeus Wong,
Founder and CEO,
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“Yapmo helps us communicate with our Leaders in ways that we never could with email. And it's not just us pushing information to them - it also gives our Leaders a space to interact with each other as well as share ideas with us. This ultimately leads to a stronger, more connected lia sophia community.”

Bev Wesolowski,
VP & CIO IT Operations,
lia sophia

“Our Agent App has been transformational for our agents. The ability for a participant to receive notifications only on topics relevant to them really helps our team focus on their core responsibilities. It makes the interoffice communications more robust and fun!”

David Boehmig,
President and Co-Founder,
Atlanta Fine Homes
Real Estate IT Sales Direct Sales General Enterprise